Friday, March 06, 2009

Asian Shopping in Christchurch

New Zealand is very much a multi-cultural country and Christchurch
is definitely a hot spot for many different nationalities. As a result,
there are several great options for folks to do their grocery shopping
when looking for international foods. We've been going to the
Asian Food Warehouse for several years now and so have lots
of other Ice folk, stocking up on all kinds of great things to cook while
they're in McMurdo. They have mostly Chinese products but have
recently expanded their Indian and Japanese section and even have
started stocking one of my favorite Mexican hot sauces...Tapatio!

An aspect of not having a car while in Christchurch is you do a lot of
walking. Today, we stumbled upon Moshims Indian Supermarket
on South Durham Street. We didn't buy a lot since we haven't been
doing a lot of cooking, but we certainly could have. The biggest
selection of Indian Food I've ever seen anywhere. We did end up
buying Cornmeal, which we haven't been able to find anywhere else
in the city. Now we have two great options for Asian food grocery

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Benjamin said...

I read your blog, went to the bar and, without anyone saying anything about it, some gives me a Tapatio packet for my morning egg whites. The Tapatio is all around us.