Sunday, April 05, 2009

Hei konā rā Aotearoa

Goodbye New Zealand. We are leaving our cozy little
apartment here in Christchurch today and are headed
back to the United States. First a short flight from
Christchurch to Auckland. Then a long flight from
Auckland to Los Angeles, followed by a short drive to
San Diego for a few days. Then after driving back to
Los Angeles, short flights to Denver and then Grand
Junction. A lot of traveling in a few days. We've had
a great time here in Christchurch and it's a wonderful
place to acclimate back to civilization after being on
The Ice. Especially when surrounded by good friends
that will be missed and beautiful scenery. We'll be
back soon!


Jude said...

As you're traveling cross the US, I thought you might like this "Baseball Map of America."

Did you notice that it's a little chilly in western Colorado? We had SNOW on Friday, a major rip-off for spring break.

Michelle said...

Say hello to the Grand Valley for me! I miss it so, right now. Safe travels!