Tuesday, April 07, 2009

In San Diego

Long Flight.
Babies in front.
Babies behind.
Woman passing out in aisle.
No Sleep.
Flight No Fun.

Pretty much sums up our flight from Auckland to LAX, which
continues to be my least favorite airport in the Western
Hemisphere. Plus being yelled at by a rental "officer" for
loading our bags in the "Red Zone"! Ugh!
Anyway, the drive to San Diego was pleasant enough after
getting out of the LA traffic and spending the day with
Lynn's family was ok as well. Nice to see folks we haven't
seen in awhile. One more day in San Diego tomorrow before
we head to Colorado on Thursday.

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Dennis Gallagher said...


Dennis Gallagher here. I'm a US citizen and also a permanent resident of NZ with property in Christchurch. I've been following your Blog via RSS for the last two years as you've come and gone from the Antarctic and passed through Chch. Unfortunately, you've never been in Chch when I've been there or I'd have asked you to meet up for a beer by now. I've got some questions I'd like to pose to you off-line if I might. Can you drop me an E-Mail at dennis at samadhisoft dot com? It would be most appreciated! And, when you write, can you put something in the title all in CAPS like ANTARCTICA? I get a huge amount of spam and this will help me pick your E-mail out from all the clutter.


Dennis (currently in Seattle)