Tuesday, April 21, 2009

We've Been Xeriscaped

We were quite surprised on Monday morning at 8:10am when
we heard voices outside and the sound of digging. We didn't
hear anything from the landscapers so we thought they might
not be here until later in the week. As it turns out, they were
plugging away and by the end of the day on Monday, the whole
front yard was dug out, 2 1/2 inches deep. A heck of a way to
remove weeds from your yard. Just have the whole yard
This morning, after an even earlier start, they spread a sheet of
fabric over the whole yard to prevent weeds, filled up the yard
with crushed red rocks, created a small mound. covered with
larger rocks, placed some boulders and planted some low-water.
desert plants, including yuccas. We also got a small aspen tree.
After placing some larger gravel in the driveway, they were
finished and as a result, our house now has a great new look.
We'll have to water the plants every day for the first month, but
after that, our "lawn" will be pretty self sufficient. A good thing
too. as the temperatures will be climbing into the 90's soon!


Benjamin said...

So how does that watering the plants for the first month thing work with you folks heading off to Quito?

Tom said...

Lynn's daughter, Leslie lives in our house, so she will be watering them for us.

Lori Murray said...

Very nice. I like the driveway too.

Jude said...

Beware idiotic xeriscapers who plant *ASPEN* trees at Grand Junction's altitude. It bothers me when landscapers use "native" plants that aren't right for our altitude or climate. I wouldn't plant an aspen below 6,000 feet. Oh, well. It will be better than the sickly grass that was there before.