Friday, April 03, 2009

Willowbank Wildlife Reserve

Lynn and I spent the afternoon with our friend Anna at
Willowbank Wildlife Reserve. It's a great park that prides
itself on conservation and rehabilitation of animals. Many
of them are local to New Zealand, but there are also exotic
species from Australasia and even farm animals from New
Zealand as well. We had a great time petting the animals
(even feeding eels!) and for the first time Lynn and I saw
Kiwi Birds. They're truly unique little creatures that are
very shy and are most active in the dark. Anna and her
husband Chris have a membership at Willowbank so they
get to go there all of the time. We've been wanting to go
for a while now, so I'm glad that Anna was able to go with
us. We'll definitely go back.

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vicky said...

Thisisamazing. vERY NICE PLACE..