Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Espanol es Mucho Trabajo

Lynn and I started our Spanish classes this week. Wow!
These classes are a lot of work! I've taken Spanish classes
in High School, College and in an Adult Ed program and
this is completely different. The Instituto Superior de
Espanol is a great school. However...I think I'm getting
about a month's worth of classes in each four hour class
period. It moves so fast! I'm hanging in there, but to be
honest, mi cabeza es lleno (My head is full!)

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Anonymous said...

I am rather envious at your great immersion opportunity.

I live in an inner city-and it is turning into a barrio. I have lots of opportunity to work on mi espanol. The shop keepers at the tienda's teach me new words, ect.

Espanol es muy dificile, practica! practica! practica!

Good luck!

Norfolk VA