Monday, May 04, 2009


Some cities are known for their sights.
Some cities are known for their smells.
Some cities are known for their sounds.
I'm starting to believe that Quito is known for the sound of
Car Alarms. I've never heard so many car alarms go off at
all times of the day. Very rarely is it the case that someone
is breaking into a car. The installation folks must set them
at uber-sensitive modes because I've seen passing cars,
passing airplanes, and even thunder set them off in front
of our apartment. Just while I've been typing this, two separate
alarms have gone off. Sadly, I'm used to it.


Lori Murray said...

That has to be pretty annoying. And if people ignore them, then it defeats the purpose of having them installed.

Savannah said...

Car alarms are annoying, but it could be worse. It could be continuous...