Saturday, May 02, 2009

Renting a Book

Even in an interesting place like Quito, there is still a fair
amount of down time, and time to be filled. Since I was
trying to travel as light as possible, I tried to keep my book
collection on this trip to a minimum. All guidebooks and
language-related books. Even these interesting books
can become a bit tiresome to read after a while. Because
we're in a Spanish speaking nation, finding books in
English can be a bit of a task, but as in the rest of the
world, the English language is becoming more prevalent
than before. Even the large, local bookshops have small
English language sections. However, the price tag is a
bit steep for someone that just wants something to read
for a few weeks and not a book to keep forever. In
La Mariscal (Gringolandia), there are several used bookshops
that fill this niche. We went to the appropriately named,
English Bookshop, where you can buy as well as rent
books. I've never rented a book before, but in this locale,
it makes perfect sense. After scouring the store, I found
"Guns, Germs and Steel". A book I've been wanting to read
for a while about how mankind developed as it did around
the world. It cost $6 to rent with a $20 deposit, which I
will get back once I return the book. It's definitely in my
best interest to return it because I want my 20 bucks back,
but also because it weighs about 10 pounds. I have enough
in my bags without hauling this behemoth around. My
biggest struggle will be to finish it in two weeks!


Anonymous said...

THAT is an awesome book. It was made into a PBS miniseries hosted by the author. If you get a chance to see that I highly recommend it.

'Guns, germs, and steel' changed many of the ways I see the world and gave me a perspective I use a lot.

Norfolk, VA

Tom said...

Thanks's already giving me new ways to look at our past that I hadn't thought of before

Lori Murray said...

So, you need to post a book review. I've looked at this one a couple of times, on If I listen to it when I'm working out, will it keep me motivated to run an hour every night?

Tom said...

Lori..I'm a couple hundred pages through and even I of many generations of farmers am finding the whole agrarian saga a bit dry, but I'm wading through it so that I can get to the juicy blood and guts conquering stuff!

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