Sunday, May 03, 2009

South American Explorers

In the past, when I heard of the words "explorers club", I
would think of stody old men, sitting around in
leather chairs, wearing smoking jackets with big animal
heads on the wall. They would be talking of exploits past,
when in reality they were in an office someplace, many
miles from the front line. in Quito...and several other cities in South
America, there is a cool looking place called the South
American Explorers Club that provides all kinds of help
and information for members (and non-members alike).
It's located in La Mariscal area of Quito and I think Lynn
and I are going to check it out sometime this week. We'll
probably leave our smoking jackets behind!

1 comment:

Lori Murray said...

It sounds like you guys are settling in. You may meet some interesting people at the explorers club. Have fun!