Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Back in Quito

After spending another delightful evening at the Lima
airport, we had a rather uneventful flight back on LAN
and ended up heading through customs at about 6:00am
in Quito. Although several times in Peru I was questioned
about the kilo of a mysterious white substance I was carrying
in my bag (it was salt from the Salt Mine in Salinas) we
breezed through customs here and took a quick taxi to
our apartment in Edificio Holanda where we were greeted
by our amigo, Wilson (pronouced Gwilson in Espanol).
Wilson is one of the security guards that monitors the
front door of the building and constantly challenges us
to improve our Spanish-speaking skills. A good guy
nonetheless! So immediately after entering the apartment,
it was lights out for the next 8 hours. Airport floors don't
offer you the cozy rest you might expect. Now we're
starting our next set of adventures in Ecuador's capital.

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