Thursday, July 09, 2009

I'm Told it's Cosmic

Lynn and I are addicted to a game on Facebook called
FarmTown. Essentially, you plant seeds, grow crops, harvest
crops and make or lose money. All kind of like real farming
except it's on a computer and it's kind a social interaction with
others. Much more than real farming...anyway, I digress.
I was just thinking this morning how it would be nice to have
another crop option to plant that is quicker to germinate than
grapes, which is four hours...maybe Raspberries.
Well...lo and behold, what pops up as an option this evening
(along with other new choices)...RASPBERRIES...and a germination
time of 2 hours! I think it's an uncanny coincidence.
Lynn tells me it's cosmic. Maybe I should play the lottery...NOW!


IowaMouse said...

I haven't yet gotten sucked into playing much on Facebook...even though I belong to 3 mobs on Mafia Wars and have 92 invitations to join other games....maybe when I have lots of down time and I'm not doing something else...Farm Town looks like a lot of fun though. Maybe I'll just have to check that one out!

Tom said...

It'd be right up your alley1

Michelle said...

and I thought I had no life! LOL

Benjamin said...

One of the things I thought about in our time without power was, "I have crops to harvest!"

deborah collette said...

I swear it is the most addictive game EVER!!! All my friends are addicts, too!

the delightful said...

or you could go plant a real garden. the kind with dirt. and produce you can actually eat.

Tom said...

Well, smarty pants delightful...until 3 days ago I wasn't in a place I COULD plant a real garden... :P