Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Peeing in Public

We've been here for almost three months and I still can't
get over the fact of how many people pee alongside the
road here in Quito. I mean, not even discreetly hiding
behind a tree or pole. Just pulling over to the side of the
street, whipping it out and going. This habit so far does
not cross all genders as I haven't seen a woman do it (yet),
but while walking home from the store today on a VERY
busy intersection across from a mall and in a park, only 2
feet from a sidewalk, I saw it again. This time a double
peeing incident as a mother (I have to assume) was helping
her two young sons "water" the grass. In the middle of a
woods, along a deserted highway, in the middle of the
night...maybe. At 5:45PM on a busy street across from a
mall? Maybe not so much...but hey that's me. This is one
case where I will not follow the adage...When in Rome...

1 comment:

the delightful said...

First of all, that sign clearly says no peeing from your hip. And it doesn't sound to me like anyone is breaking that rule. As for your flabbergastedness about public daytime peeing, I have to say I've seen more than my fair share in Chicago. Yesterday afternoon it was a gradeschooler (under mom's watchful eye) peeing on what I can only hope was the tire of HIS minivan. And you would love India where kids hang off the train platforms to poo on the tracks below.