Thursday, August 27, 2009

Vegas Baby!

One can do Las Vegas cheaply...well, at least more economically.
We've had a great time seeing the sights, but boy are our legs
and feet tired. Vegas is definitely not a place for the weak of
heart or stamina. We're staying in the Excalibur, which is not
the fanciest of hotels/casinos but it's very nice and family
friendly (not sure if that's good or bad).

It amazes me how much electricity and water is used in this
place. A lot of the water is recycled and used over and over
again but the power usage has to be phenomenal! I really
do like all the bright lights though and it's something that
everyone should see at least once in their lives. Plus, now
we've seen BOTH Eiffel Towers!

We both have our favorite things about Las Vegas. Lynn
likes Caesar's Palace the best and I like the Bellagio. I think
we both agree though that the coolest thing is the fountain
at the Bellagio that plays in conjunction with music every
15 minutes. Very moving.


the delightful said...

just last night I was told that the air around the bellagio fountain is on average 10 degrees cooler than the ambient temps. that's a lot of water they're putting into the air to cool it that much!

Tom said...

Yeah...I noticed that when we were there. It actually felt humid, which in 110 degree heat is not necessarily a good thing.