Friday, August 28, 2009

Leaving Las Vegas

We are now officially carless. At least for a few days.
We had been borrowing Lynn's sister's 4-Runner for
the last six weeks and we met her in Las Vegas where
she was returning the Eurovan campervan she had been
renting. As a result, we looked for a one way ticket
from LAS to GJT. Not an easy task when you're looking
for something inexpensive. We were able to find a
great deal on Allegiant of the newish low
cost carriers that now crosses the country. I had also
never flown out of Las Vegas before so I got to add it
to my list of airports flown through (57 total). Allegiant
is not a bad airline at all. Much better than I expected.
The seats were comfortable, the service friendly and
even though there was a charge for everything, we both
flew, including taxes for $100 one way. I'd fly them again.

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