Thursday, September 03, 2009

A Hazy Shade of Summer

Although the skies started to clear a bit today, it's been
horribly hazy here in Grand Junction. You get used to that
in places like Denver and Phoenix where the smog can get
out of hand. However, this isn't smog. It's smoke. Smoke
from the big forest fires in Southern California. On Tuesday,
you couldn't see The Bookcliffs from downtown and the
Monument was starting to disappear from our backyard
Why would fires so far away be causing so much haze in
Grand Junction you ask? See that line on the map, leading
from Southern California all the way to Colorado?
That line represents strong southwest winds.
The smoke is rising to about 17,000 feet in elevation
and has yet to reach the jet stream so that it will clear
out. The fires are so big that the smoke is making it
all the way to Colorado. It actually decreases the amount
of sunshine reaching the ground and has lowered temperatures
by one degree. So now that the haze is starting to clear, we're
left with some pretty sunsets.

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