Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Fun With Milk Crates

Several dozen years ago, in a life far, far away,
I obtained many many milk crates through a former
employer. Illegal, probably, but that's another story
for another blog. Today, Lynn decided to clean the
laundry room. Not fun for her, nor for me as in our
laundry room are lots and lots of crates. All awaiting
what I suspect will be lots and lots of yarn. I got
good and practiced (is that proper English?) at hosing
all of them down, removing cobwebs, dirt, and even
large amounts of spilled hand soap. Gee that was
a lot of fun...NOT!


IowaMouse said...

I also own several milk crates (found them in a ditch, I swear!) but I sure don't own anything near THAT many!

Tom said...

lol...we don't either, but I liked the photo!