Monday, September 28, 2009

I'm in New Zealand

After a very long trip, I'm in New Zealand. More precisely, I'm in
Christchurch. This is my 8th trip flying from the States to New
Zealand and I'm getting ready for my 10th season on the Ice.
Lynn won't be with me this season as she's taking the season off,
staying in Grand Junction. However, I'm sure I'll be very busy and
it will go quickly. As usual, it seems, it's very rainy and cool in
Christchurch. I'm sure that the weather here won't affect the
first flight going out tomorrow, but weather on the Ice might.
I've checked into the Hotel Grand Chancellor. It's a very nice
place and I have lots of room, my own bathroom and television.
Things you definitely can't take for granted in some of the hotels
that are offered when we stay in Christchurch. I went to Countdown
this afternoon and picked up some goodies that I'll want on the
Ice and managed to keep it down to a reasonable price since
everything is very expensive. Blame the stock market on the bad
dollar exchange. When the stock market does well, the dollar does
poorly on the international (and NZ market) Tomorrow is
ECW (Extreme Cold Weather) clothing issue day. It should go

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