Monday, September 14, 2009

Visiting Sego Canyon

Only an hour west of Grand Junction lies one of the best
easily accessible petroglyph sites around. Sego Canyon.
It contains rock art from the The Fremont culture from
A.D. 600 to 1250 and was a contemporary with the Anasazi
culture. Also, artwork from the Archaic period from 7000 B.C.,
the Barrier Canyon period from around 2000 B.C., and the Ute
tribe dating from A.D. 1300. I visited here in 2006, but Lynn
had never been here before so we made the short trip down
Interstate 70 to Thompson Springs, Utah. I had the entire
place to myself for hours last time. This visit, there were
a few more folks there, but it's still relatively quiet for such
a cool place. It amazes me how 9000 year old rock drawings
can hold up so well. There is some fairly modern graffiti there
as well. Even though the BLM now controls the area, and
provides very little protection to the rock art, the area is in
relatively good shape. It's currently undergoing a long term
restoration and preservation treatment. If you're in the area
of Eastern Utah, it's definitely worth a visit.

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