Saturday, September 12, 2009

It's Chile Season!

It's nearly autumn and with that comes chiles. Most
of them aren't grown commercially around here, but
we're close enough to New Mexico that we get more
than our fair share. At several places around town, you
can see them. At stands large and small, with barrell
shaped roasters turning slowly, you can smell them
all the way down the street. Today, Leslie brought
some Big Jim Chiles home from her friend's farm and
they look awesome! I'm looking forward to growing
some just like them next summer in our garden!


Benjamin said...

The chilis made mt mouth water a lot more than the Black Jack Pizza. Eat 'em up.

Michelle said...

Oh Tom! You are not a nice guy!! That smell of the roasting chiles is something I SO miss!! Going to Walmart and seeing and smelling them roasting is such a favorite of mine, that makes me homesick. Especially since we can't get green chile's like that here. Wish you could bring me a huge barrel of them!!!

Hotel Villa Caletas said...

I am not a big time chile consumer, but I love to have them with some tortilla chips while enjoying a cold drink, great combinationt that is