Saturday, October 24, 2009

Air Service Reps

Pictured left to right:
Mia, Amy, Susie, me, Kaska, Billy T, Kristin

Last year, when Lynn was in New Zealand, she sent me
a bottle of champagne that I should share with my
small group of co-workers at the end of the year, in
celebration of a successful season. Well, we never had
time to open it and it sat in a drawer all winter long.
Tonight was the beginning of the season ATO party.
A chance to get everyone in the department together
for one last relaxing time before we go onto 12 hour
shifts and things get really busy. As it turns out, all
of the Air Service Reps are back on station for another
season. Kristin is now working with Science Cargo
and we're joined by Mia this year. Amy will be working
with Mia on the night shift and Kaska and I will be
working on the day shift. Susie is our Supervisor and
Billy T is our Department Manager. It was a good chance
for everyone to get together, and we finally enjoyed our


Lynn said...

Lookin' good. Glad you finally had a chance to drink the bubbly.

andrea said...

Yippee!! Super glad your whole crew is there! Have a fantastic season!

Kaska said...

Thank you Lynn! We miss you!