Sunday, October 25, 2009

Urine Nation

All over town you can see signs reminding you to
do this and do that. Save electricity...
don't be hard on the equipment...wash your hands.
But now there is a new sign. One that on the surface,
seems helpful, but at the same time...disturbing.
This sign greeted me the other day when I was
using the urinal on Highway One in Building 155.
Yes, I know we should drink lots of water and that
it keeps us functioning normally since this is one
of the driest places on earth. But do we have to
get so graphic about it? And what's with the cartoon
of the guy actually using the urinal? The color chart
wasn't enough?


Lynn said...

LOLOLOLOL. What's that in his hand? Good grief, get a grip! On REALITY, I mean...shame on you and your dirty minds! This is a joke, right?

Michelle said...

That's funny!!

andrea said...

There are signs like that in the 203's, too. Kind of funny as the ink in the printer must have been running dry and the yellows all looked a little streaky and grayish.