Saturday, October 10, 2009

RIYCA Burgee

I'm not a member of the Ross Island Island Yacht
Club of Antarctica since I'm not a boat person and
likely never will be...however, they do have a
burgee (a type of pennant that most yacht clubs have)
and since I am the self-proclaimed Vexillologist of
McMurdo Station, I found this description of the
RIYCA Burgee interesting...

The Ross Island Yacht Club of Antarctica Burgee Story

An Argentinean Naval Ensign gave birth to our Burgee,
the background color reflecting both the Nautical
Heritage and proximal nation to our beloved Continent.

The White representing the Ice symbolizes Purity of
both the waters we sail and the hearts of those who
sail them.

The Blue represents the Sky and symbolizes the valor
inherent in all who boat recreationally below the

The Silhouette depicts one of the earliest Yachting
Endeavors honoring Shakelton’s efforts to reach those
converted waters around Ross Island. He stands apart
from his men to remind us of the many that must
struggle so that we may sail.

Over their shoulders rise the Southern Sun gloriously
illuminating our letters for the entire would to see.
Those letters are cut from the same cloth as the
Silhouette of Shackelton – Namely the cloth of a
Scott Tent. For all foolish endeavors must acknowledge
the foolishness that has preceded them.

Above it all, soars the Antarctic Skua, inspiring us
towards freedom found in the South and a free meal
wherever it may be found.

The Bloodshot Red Bowsprit should always point due
South or the direction of the nearest pub, reflecting
our directional desires on earth and on the Wheel of

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Unknown said...

Hey Tom,
I was a member of RIYCA and have my burgee proudly flying at the top of the mast of my sailboat. I had never read the description of the burgee, so thanks for the info! You are a wealth of information :)