Sunday, October 11, 2009

Zulu Time

When we post Departure Messages for planes that
leave the McMurdo area, as well as posting them
our our local time (We're on the same time as
New Zealand), we have to post the time in Zulu
Time. Zulu Time is the same thing as Greenwich
Mean Time (GMT) or Coordinated Universal Time
(UTC) that some folks might also know it as.
The reason we do this is because people who
receive our messages are located at various
places around the world that are not on the
same time we are. This gives everyone one
standard time to focus on. The only problem
is that it really gets confusing when the time
changes for Daylight Savings Time, which places
us either one hour closer or one our farther
away from Zulu Time...which is very different
from the time here, the time at our company's
office in Denver, or from loved one's at various
places around the globe. Confused? Yes, I
usually am about this subject as well! Good
thing we have a cheat sheet at work!

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