Friday, October 02, 2009

A Sunny Spring Day

Late in the afternoon yesterday, I found out that I
would again be delayed and the soonest I will be
leaving Christchurch is October 4th (October 3rd in
the States). Oh darn. Another day in Christchurch
AND getting paid for it? A good deal I'd say. I also
received a note under my hotel room door that told
me that this morning, I would be moving to a different
hotel. I dumpier, not so nice place you might say?
No, actually an upgrade to the Crowne
Plaza on Victoria Park. The hotel I had been staying
at, the Grand Chancellor, was nice, but this new hotel
is even nicer, and I get a great view of Victoria Park
and am only two blocks from the Library (yes, that's
important to me). Plus, I still continue to have it paid
for by the company! Apparently many of us had to
move from our old hotel because people are starting
to back up, arriving in Christchurch. I guess they
felt that we have been here so long, they would upgrade
us instead of the new arrivals. Works for me! The
Crowne Plaza is also where several of my
friends are staying, including my good friend Susie.
We went to lunch today at the Cafe Torenhof. It's a
Belgian Beer cafe and one of Susie's favorite places
to eat in Christchurch. I had never heard of it before
but it was located close to the hotel and it's definitely
a place I want to take Lynn the next time we are here
together. Belgian beer is some of the best in the world,
and this didn't disappoint. Really good stuff. Also,
mayonnaise for our French Fries! Definitely a plus!

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