Saturday, October 03, 2009


Because I'm probably headed south to the
Ice tomorrow, I ran my butt off silly
around Christchurch trying to get everything
1. Go get per diem money at the CDC
2. Go to breakfast with Tad and Ken
3. Walk around Botanic Gardens taking photos
4. Eat a Souvlaki from Dimitri's
5. Buy cheese at the Cheese Monger
6. Buy Gunpowder Tea at Asian Store
7. Look at Maps at Map World
8. Ride bus to Lyttelton
9. Drink Long Black at The Ground
10. Ride bus from Lyttelton to Christchurch
11. Drop off Library Books
12. Eat takeaway from Thai Smile
13. Do laundry at hotel
14. Sleep
15. Whew!


Benjamin said...

You must have eaten from Dmitri's cart in the art center since the his usual place is closed.

Tom said...

I did Ben...In fact I took lots of pictures of it so I can blog about it on a slow day