Saturday, November 07, 2009

43 Years

I'm not a huge follower of football of any
kind, but if I am going to pay attention to
any college team, it would be Purdue. Yesterday,
Purdue beat Michigan at Ann Arbor for the first
time since 1966. I was a one year old at the
time! I was able to go to a Purdue-Michigan
game in Ann Arbor a couple of years after I
graduated so I can appreciate the magnitude of
such a win. The stadium at Michigan is huge,
seating over 100,000 people (the most people
I've ever been around at one time in my life).
Granted, it's not that Purdue's team is that
good this's that Michigan is that
bad, but it's fun to beat Ohio State AND
Michigan in the same year.

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