Sunday, November 08, 2009

Aadvantage Gold

I've been an American Airlines Aadvantage member
since 1990. Aadvantage is their frequent flyer
club and every time you fly with them, you get
miles to use on free flights. We used our miles
last summer to go to South America. We fly on
Qantas Airlines between the States and New
Zealand and because the two airlines are partners,
when we fly on Qantas, we get miles on American.
So today, I received from Lynn in the mail, my
new Aadvantage card, which is Gold status. This
means that I can get extra miles when I fly,
upgraded seats sometimes and free bag check in
instead of paying to check each bag. Not a huge
deal, but a nice little perk. Hopefully it will
come in handy over the next year or so.


Benjamin said...

Out of curiosity, how many miles does that take? I will be crossing 70,000 on this trip.

Unknown said...

To be honest Ben...I have no idea

J. Reaves said...

They don't say how many it takes - it's a sliding scale depending on where you live. Plus it isn't total miles, but the number of miles you fly in one year. AA leaves the exact qualifications murky on purpose.

The biggest advantage to being Gold is you get to board before everyone else, you get special check-in and security lines just like First Class, and you get free access to the Club.