Saturday, November 28, 2009

Black Friday...On Sunday

I'm not much of a shopper and it's a good
thing since there aren't many places here
to shop. However, the day after Thanksgiving
is known as "Black Friday" in the States due
to stores trying to get "into the black"
profit-wise. Since our Thanksgiving was on
Saturday, the logical "Black Friday" became
"Black Sunday" here. I took advantage of a
rare Sunday off and went to Scott Base to
visit their store.

The Scott Base Store is much smaller than the
store here at McMurdo, although they definitely
have a much different selection of items than we
do at our place. A lot of t-shirts, Kiwi toiletries,
Kiwi snacks, etc.

I was here though for mostly one purpose. To find
out what new stickers and patches were available
this year. I found a few things but I doubt I
made their profit margins significantly rise for
the day. It was a nice change of scenery however.

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