Saturday, November 28, 2009

My Substitute Lynns

Although Lynn isn't with me this season, I have
three guardian angels looking over me, and for the
first time this season, they were all in the same
place. Kaska (in front) was my card-playing Lynn
stand in this weekend, Carrie (middle) was my going
to a party Lynn stand in this weekend and Susie (back)
was my going to Thanksgiving dinner Lynn stand in this
weekend. Of course, I think that they would all agree
that none of them holds a candle to the real Lynn in
my mind, it did make a long holiday weekend a little
nicer to have them all around.

1 comment:

Kaśka said...

This photo is out of context, it was an inside joke... I don't usually pose like that (!) definitely not during card-playing... just wanted to clarify it. Btw, lack of cheese ball proved unquestionably - we do not hold a candle to the real Lynn, far from it. We all miss you Lynn!!!!!