Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Digging a Ditch

In most places around the world, if you want to
dig a ditch, you either use equipment or man-
power and dig it out of the ground. Here, the
ditches are already dug...they're just full of
snow from the previous winter. It takes a
serious backhoe to empty them out and the one
that runs by the building I work in is no
exception. You may ask...why do you need
ditches if all that snow is present? Well,
glad you asked that. In several weeks, the
combination of the temperature rising and the
sun shining 24 hours a day will turn this place
into one big mud hole. The water has to go
somewhere...and down these ditches it will go.
In torrents sometimes. If the snow wasn't dug
out of the ditch, it would be a real mess.
So there you go. Ditches dug in Antarctica.

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