Thursday, November 19, 2009

"This is what I want"

Susie (my boss) gave me a task today of doing
some research. During our crew tours this year,
we've been borrowing the stamp from the mail room
and taking it out to the runway so that the crews
can stamp their postcards, passports, etc.
However, the stamp is in somewhat fragile condition
and we probably should have our own, so we're
looking at buying our own stamp. Not hard to do
if you can just drive down the street to a store
and say "This is what I want". Not so easy when
the closest store like this is at least a five
hour plane ride away. Yes, the internet comes
in useful for purposes like this. But not that
useful as the designing software on stamping
websites doesn't work that well and even at it's
best isn't just quite you know what I
mean? So it's come down to this. I've scanned a
copy of our current stamp and am emailing it to
different places on the web that make stamps.
Kind of the same as going down the street and
saying "This is what I want"...only doing it with
an internet twist. Will we actually get "what
we want"? Only time...and probably patience,
will tell.

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