Saturday, November 21, 2009

Wind Power

A project that is moving along quickly this season
is the Wind Turbine Project that the Kiwis are
constructing on Arrival Heights between McMurdo
and Scott Base. I found these photos on the
common computer drive here of the progress that
is being made.

These towers are huge. Similar in size to those
found back in the real world, but they are
definitely the tallest things around, considering
the tallest building here is only three stories

When finished, they will supply all of the energy
that Scott Base needs and about one quarter of all
of the power for McMurdo. Being this is probably
the windiest place I've ever lived, there will be
no shortage of fuel supply, while definitely
lessening our dependency on fuel being shipped in
each year.


Lynnsie said...


Benjamin said...

Have you guys lost power yet this season?

Unknown said...

yep...all the time...rebooting is an art form!

Lori Murray said...

That is pretty cool. I hope they work and don't blow apart. More & more small towns up here are installing windmills. In a couple of years, once the technology advances a bit. I want to install a couple of small vertical wind generators on my house.

Unknown said...

That's pretty neat Lori...we'd like to do that, as well as solar for our house too. I'll have to pick your brain on the vertical generators.