Friday, November 20, 2009

Working with Kaska

I'm lucky enough that for a second year
in a row, my shift partner is Kaska. For
those of you who aren't on the Ice, I've
included a photo...see above. I often tease
Kaska that I can't see her face because her
sunglasses are so huge. I guess for internet
incognito purposes though, they work just
fine. Why am I lucky? Besides being a very
smart, hard worker, Kaska is also from Poland
so she has that ability to keep me in my
place. Kind of like another woman of Polish
descent when I was growing up. All in all,
though, I enjoy working with Kaska and never
tire of her stories from traveling around the
world. She's a good friend.


Lynn said...

That's SO Kaska! The photo. Lucky you to be working with her. I'm jealous.

andrea said...

Jealous! I want my Kaska back! :)
Say 'hi!' I'm sure you two make a great team!

Kaska said...

Lynn and Andrea - I hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving, wherever you are. I'm so grateful for all of my beautiful Icy friends and co-workers. It's a great summer season, I just wish you were here.. Miss you girls! ~K

Benjamin said...

Miss you too Kaska! Ah, the days of Lynn, Ben and Kaska is the dark back of 155. I miss.

Zbigniew said...

Hello there on the Ice,

It is nice to see that Polish people work down there in McMurdo. I will be arriving to Mctown on Jan 5th and it would be nice to meet another person from Poland.

Ziggy from Poland