Friday, January 08, 2010


After work today, I ran into my friend Melanie,
and she told me that she had just been to Hut Point
and had seen quite a few Adélie Penguins. Now I
had seen a couple hundred Adélies in 2007, but it
had been awhile since I had seen penguins of any
kind, so I figured it was definitely worth my
time. It was fun to see them running around the
ice and interesting to see how they moved when
a helicopter flew over. They moved almost like
a herd of wildebeests like you see on nature shows
but also like a rather large swarm of flying
starlings. Hard to describe, but it was almost
as if they moved as one. Anyway, for a few minutes
I had the entire point to myself and I could hear
them chattering back and forth to themselves.
They were communing with each other, while I was
communing with nature.

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