Thursday, January 07, 2010

Redeployment Meetings

We held our last Redeployment Meeting yesterday.
The Redeployment Meetings are always a highlight
of our season in Air Services and a sign that the
end is near for the summer season. This year,
Leighton, who is in charge of the Christchurch
travel office came down to present the gory
details of the travel options to all of the RPSC
and NANA folks. Susie presented other Air
Services info at five of the meetings and I
made our presentation at three of the meetings,
including the two held for night shift employees.
Now, the not so fun part comes along...entering
all of the data from everyone's Redeployment
Form into the database, including travel options,
hotel choices, dates etc. I'll be wearing out
my eyeballs, staring at a computer screen for the
next several weeks, doing my part to enter over
500 person's forms. It will be good when this
part of my job is done for the season.

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