Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Dawson's in the Hall

Today, former Cub, Andre Dawson was voted into
the Baseball Hall of Fame. He wasn't my favorite
Cub of that era (Sandberg of course was my fav)
but he was right up there. Like another favorite,
Bill Buckner, he played most of his middle and
late career in constant pain. Andre's pain was
caused by way too many games on artificial turf
at the horrible stadium in Montreal. When he
signed with the Cubs as a free agent, he actually
took a pay cut so he could play on natural grass
most of his games. Now, artificial turf is a
rarity in baseball, but imagine what careers guys
like Andre and Buckner would have had if they
hadn't been crippled by this equivalent of concrete
painted green! Always a class act, he made
Wrigley Field his home and the fans loved him.
As Ryno said during his own acceptance speech
about Andre... "he played the game right".
Yes, he did.

1 comment:

Benjamin said...

And he probably has Jim Rice to thank for lowering the bar. That being said, I would have voted for him all along. Now I am going to go campaign for Bert!