Thursday, January 14, 2010

Form and Function

Redeployment forms are taking over my life.
At least my life at work. The last of the
Redeployment forms are coming into the office
and on the night shift, we are charged with
entering them in the database so that travel
arrangements can be made by the offices in
Christchurch and Denver. People have to
list their departure date, how many days and
where they wish to stay in Christchurch and
eventually, when they will be traveling either
home, or to some distant spot on the globe.
All of this entered into an archaic DOS based
database called PTS. On nights when there
are two of us working, it isn't quite so bad
because we can enter these forms AND complete
our regular tasks. However, on the nights we
work alone, there's a lot of pressure to get
multiple tasks completed WHILE entering lots
of these completed forms. Like most difficult
tasks, there is a light at the end of the
tunnel. Only so many people are on station and
only a finite number of forms will be entered.
They all will be entered eventually.

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