Friday, January 15, 2010

Pegasus Airfield

This year, both skier and wheeled aircraft are
using one runway. Pegasus has been converted
to operate LC-130's, C-17's, Baslers and Twin
Otters. They don't actually use the same
runway, but share the same facilities at Pegasus.
In the past, all of the skiers used Williams Field
and the C-17s would use Pegasus, but in an effort
to save both money and manpower Pegasus has been
made the sole landing site with Williams Field
as an emergency backup. I found these great
photos of the operations on the common drive
and they give a great viewpoint of how things
work out there.

This gives a good view of the refueling set-up.

The Skiway that is utilized by the skiers.

The White Ice Runway, used by the C-17s

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Idan said...

Those are great pictures! I'm enjoying reading your blog - keep posting!