Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Meals to Go

We are crazy busy at work these days, entering all of
the information for everyone's redeployment. One section
that always amuses me however are the choices we are
given for our meal on the commercial flight back to the
States. Yes, flights still serve
meals on planes! I look at the list of 22 different options
and some of them make me scratch my head. I actually had
to Google "Low Purine" to find out what it was. No, I'm
not going to tell have to look it up yourself!
Then, I have to wonder how serious people are about being
vegetarian if you can't spell "vegetarian". Surprisingly
about 2/3 of the people that choose this on their forms
have this problem. I might actually choose a Hindu meal
since I might get a decent curry out of it, but I don't
think anyone will confuse me for a Hindu since you have to
be born a Hindu...thankfully, airlines don't ask for your
Hindu I.D. card. The population of McMurdo however has been
warned to not fill out their friend's or co-workers meal
choice without their knowledge. Choosing "High Fibre" does
not score you points with your friends...especially halfway
across the Pacific at 35,000 feet!

1 comment:

Lori Murray said...

And then there is flying here at home. You get to pay $5 for a soggy 3 day old sandwich. And there is only one choice :-)