Thursday, January 21, 2010

Old Habits

We recently had a southbound C-17, which meant
that we received Freshies. On the way out of
the Galley, I spied bananas. I'm not a huge
fruit consumer, but I do like bananas, apples
oranges and grapes so I look out for them. I
went over to the bananas and the first thing I
did was look at the sticker. Where was it from?
ECUADOR the label said. So I grabbed two! Why
so fussy? Well, Lynn and I got into the habit
of eating delicious Ecuador bananas when we
lived there last summer and when we came back to
the States, we only bought bananas from Ecuador.
None of those "nasty" Guatamalan bananas! Would
I have left these bananas in the bowl if they
weren't my favorites? You bet!

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