Saturday, January 23, 2010

Tag It

To get your belongings out of McMurdo, for the most
part, they have to go on an airplane. And to get
them on an airplane they have to be tagged. Very
similar to airports in the real world, but here
you tag your own bag instead of having a little
machine spit out a barcoded sticky tag that goes
on your suitcase. For the most part, our bags go
one of three places: Christchurch, South Pole, or
one of the various Field Camps located around the


South Pole

Field Camps
This year this included
* Byrd Surface Camp
* Casey Station
* Patriot Hills
* Siple Dome
* WAIS Divide

There are also tags that should be removed from
bags so that the Cargo Handlers don't get them
mixed up and place them on the wrong pallet.
Yellow - Inbound from South Pole and various camps
Orange - Christchurch southbound Boomerang Bag
Black & White - Christchurch southbound Handcarry Bag
Blue & White - Christchurch southbound Checked Bag

In short, the tag system is definitely not confusing
for folks that have been down here a couple of years,
but for the typical FNG, it can leave them scratching
their heads.

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