Friday, January 22, 2010


The future is here. And I'm not liking it.
A project that is seemingly taking all summer
is the painting of Building 155. And what a
horrible color it is too! Not a happy sky blue.
Not a cheerful robin's egg blue. Blue...I have
no words for what color of blue it really is
although I plan to find out. It reminds me of
the dark blue chalk that comes in one of those
multi-color boxes teachers use on chalk boards.
I've heard that almost all of our buildings will
eventually be painted this color. The reason?
Because all of Scott Base's buildings are painted
one color. However, their buildings are all
Chelsea Cucumber (a kind of mint-chocolate-chip
green). This is just ugly. The blue does give
more credence to my roommate Ben's theory about
the color blue in the Galley though. The color
blue causes one to want to eat less, therefore
saving the Program money. That's why so many
things in the Galley are blue. Trays, cups,
paint trim, the clock, the Dining Attendant's
shirts, the tile floor... So, why not paint the
entire building that houses the Galley blue as
well. Will our appetites be beaten into total
submission by the color blue...or just our eyes?


Anonymous said...

I like it!!!

Anonymous said...

It looks like the paint the US Navy puts on things to make them match the ocean.

Sarah (Norfolk, VA-where we have this ugly blue about from time to time)

Benjamin said...

I agree with the blue being too dark. I like blue just as much as the next guy, but this is too dark for a building. Do they want the buildings to be seen from space or something? They could have painted them neon pink and probably been a little more subtle than this blue.

Raymond322 said...

Sarah when I was in the Navy it was haze gray or battle ship gray exterior, interior two different shades of green or beige. When ashore the gedunk and some other building would be trimmed in a deep blue. The solid blue on those building is in a word is ugly. I wintered in 61 I'm thankful the building weren't that color then.

Dave Kahlow said...

Lived in 155 for two summers (94 & 95) and I guess it is an upgrade from the baby poo brown it used to be. I do think they could have found a 'better' blue.

Anonymous said...

The paint was probably on sale. Or clearance.

I don't think it looks all that bad. It will fade after years of exposure.