Monday, February 08, 2010

Boarding the Airbus

Again this year, we are being helped with our
redeployment airlifts by the Australian-owned
Airbus A319. Using this, in addition to our C-17
allows the program to get everyone out without
taxing the C-17 with too many flights during

Last season was the first time we used the Airbus
for redeployment and I flew back on it. It was a
fun experience, leaving the Ice in an airline seat
in business class!

Unfortunately, the whole plane in not equipped with
business class seats. Last year was a nightmare, with
everyone running to the plane to get the best seats.
This year, boarding passes are being issued and strict
ground rules are being enforced. Especially no running!
Sauntering and Skipping were considered, but it was
decided that a Casual Walk was probably best!

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skua76 said...

So who gets the boarding passes for business class?