Sunday, January 31, 2010

More Open Water

It's ironic that during one of the coldest times
of the season, more and more ice in McMurdo Sound
and Winter Quarters Bay gives way and brings a sight
we don't see very often. Open Water. Granted,
it took the Oden Icebreaker to begin the process,
but over the last few days, more and more water
is visible. Over the past few seasons, very little
ice left McMurdo Sound. Although I doubt it will
happen this year, the Sound has been blown completely
free of ice. The last time this happened was over
a decade ago. McMurdo's site was actually chosen
many years ago because it was the farthest point
south on the continent where a sea-faring vessel
could anchor. That still holds true, and this
year's ships have had no problem getting to us.

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