Thursday, June 03, 2010

Colorful Las Vegas

Our goal for our visit to Vegas is to see things we haven't seen
before. Last August, we did a good job of seeing the south end
of the Strip (South Las Vegas Blvd.) but didn't really see much on
the central and north ends of the strip. We started out at The
Venetian, where we saw these interesting looking umbrellas
decorating part of their shopping area.

I felt the Gondolas at the Venetian were a bit cheesy, but they seemed
to be popular.

We were really impressed by The Wynn. It's named after Vegas hotel
impresario Steve Wynn, who seems to own half of Vegas.

The Wynn is just impressive on the inside as it is on the outside.
These flowers and trees separated the hotel area from the casino.

All around the hotel lobby were these fantastic tile floors.

They had strange umbrella-type decorations in their bar, similar to
those in the Venetian...but these moved up and down.

Downtown Las Vegas definitely isn't the Strip. Way before the Strip
existed, this WAS Las Vegas. This is where you could get the cheap
buffets, cheap shrimp cocktails and see lots of neon. You can still
see lots of neon here, but they've covered the street with a cool
computer-screen type of display, stretching the entire length of
Fremont Street. While we were there, they played a pretty neat
display/concert-type display from the rock group, Queen.

It seemed that there were a lot more Elvis's around this year as well
as several Michael Jacksons and an Austin Powers.

Lots of neon though.

And what is Las Vegas without showgirls!

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