Thursday, June 03, 2010

Day 2 in Vegas

We liked the Planet Hollywood hotel and casino a lot. It was
a lot like New York New York, but of course with a California
twist. The casino was pretty nice too, but they frown upon
taking photos there.

The best thing we liked about the Mirage was the pool. It
was pretty huge and in a natural-type setting.

We visited Circus Circus, and though it was ok, it did seem a bit
dated. However, we did catch a trapeze show there.

One thing that was pretty neat at Circus Circus was an indoor
amusement park called Adventuredome. We didn't ride any
rides, but because the dome itself is pink and there was lots
of rock like formations under the dome, it made us feel like
we were in the movie, Total Recall, which was set on Mars.

After having a really great Buffet at the Spice Market in Planet
Hollywood for dinner, we crossed the street to the Belagio, where
we watched the fountains. This is probably our favorite thing in
Las Vegas and I could watch it for hours!

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