Sunday, June 13, 2010

Skating Put On Ice

Sad news came across the media a few days ago. Our local
skating venue, The Glacier Ice Arena will be closing today after
being in business for only four years. Apparently, when the
arena was built, the company that installed the ice-cooling
system failed to place a rust-inhibitor in the pipes and as a
result, it will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to replace
the system, which the family who owns the arena doesn't have.
There is a lawsuit in place, but it is doubtful it would cover all
of the costs. The closure will affect everyone using the rink
ranging from youth skating programs to the Mesa State College
Hockey Team. With the closure, the closest rink to Grand Junction
is in Glenwood Springs, which is 85 miles away and makes for
a long trip. A Facebook group, "Save Grand Junction's Ice Rink",
has even been formed, but without lots of monetary input, the
immediate future for ice skating in Grand Junction looks bleak.


Anonymous said...

Since 1777 America has celebrated Flag Day, and ever since 2003, I've celebrated this day with you, Tom.

Happy Flag Day hug your favorite Vexillologist.


Unknown said...

Thanks Phil! I was hoping I would hear from you today!

Benjamin said...

Man, I can't believe I didn't make it here for Flag Day. I hope you had a good one Tom. Last night at Trivia, Grump asked what is unique about the Oregon flag. We missed it. If we had had you on our team!

Unknown said...

That's ok. I knew you were here in spirit. The Oregon flag has the seal and the word Oregon on one side and a picture of a beaver on the other. All in all, not a great flag design.

Benjamin said...

Not a great design, but unique. Unique enough for a trivia question. Unique enough that I will never forget. ;)