Friday, August 06, 2010

Purple Sage

One benefit to all the rain and humidity we've been having with the
monsoon are all of the flowers that are blooming on the Purple Sage
plants. All over the valley there are purple flowers blooming. We took
these photos outside of our friend Christine's house. The Purple Sage is
a great plant to have in desert landscaping because it's a perennial, needs
very little maintenance and very little water. When it rains or gets humid,
it blooms, and can do this several times a season.

The bees seem to like it too!


the destination india said...

beautiful pictures and nice write up

sewa mobil said...

Nice photo. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

This is not Purple Sage. It is called Russian Sage and is not really a sage. Please relabel your photo so it does not turn up in a search for Purple sage.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Anonymous! It is Russian Sage. Not Purple Sage.