Monday, October 11, 2010

The First Crew Tour

Yesterday, Air Services performed it's first Crew Tour of
the season. Last year we conducted quite a few tours,
and we will have many this year as well. Every time a C-17
drops out of the sky, we offer the crew a "tour" of McMurdo,
generally showing them briefly around town, giving them
some history of the area, taking them to shop at the store
and letting them take pictures of themselves in front of
the "McMurdo" sign. For the most part, when a C-17 lands,
the weather on the ice shelf is generally sunny and
visibility is good. Today was not the case as the plane had
to abort it's first attempt because it couldn't see the
runway. The second try was a bit lower and they were able
to see the lights on the Ice Runway so that they could land.

After the plane pulled into a parked position, it was business
as usual as all of the passengers disembarked and we drove out
onto the Ramp (where the plane parks) picked up the crew and
made the ten minute drive into town. The crews love going to
the store, purchasing souveniers for themselves and loved ones
and of course they ham it up for their "hero" photo in front of
the sign. Almost as quickly as it starts, the tour ends as we
drive back to the runway and they get on their plane for the
five hour flight north.


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