Thursday, October 14, 2010

This Year's Go Picnics

In the old days (four years ago), we would go to
the Galley at 4:30 am and pick up enough Flight
Lunches for the people flying north to Christchurch
that day. A couple of years ago, we made the move
to boxed lunches, called "Go Picnics". They aren't
very exciting, but they do offer at least something
to munch on during a long flight. This year we offer
the "Safari Munch" which is essentially a vegetarian
option. We also offer the "Anywhere Break" which is
the carnivore version. Last year we had three options,
and this year only two. Considering the fact that the
Go Picnics aren't that delicious, that probably isn't
a bad thing.


Lori Murray said...

Are they shipped in from CHC instead of being made on site?

Lydia said...

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